Mayweather vs McGregor

Mayweather vs McGregor - Tale of the tape.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor in Las Vegas Tonight!!

With just a few hours left, the match up of the millennium is almost here!! Bookmaker’s may need to keep medical attention on speed dial though, as they stand to loose Millions of Dollars if McGregor is able to pull this off with an early round win, that will inevitably lead to the largest single sport event loss in history.

Mayweather - McGregor Odds

Who’s Watching?

The Vegas Digest Reports of non-VIP seating from $1,400. to $ 17,000. per, still being available just days away from the collision of these two giants in their own respective sports. Promoters are claiming that Saturday’s fight will be available online or on a TV screen to more than 1 billion homes in over 200 countries.  If you don’t have access to watch this event, you can watch it here tonight.

Author: Jeffrey Dibble

Jeffrey Dibble is currently the owner of Daily, a site in which he blogs about Movies, Entertainment, Toronto Life, as well as many other related and unrelated topics to enhance ones general lifestyle. Jeff is currently living in Toronto Canada and earns his living from the writing he does on his website, his YouTube Channels, as well his affiliation with Set Tv Now, a subscription IPTV service and his affiliation with Tangerine Bank, a subsidiary of The Bank Of Nova Scotia.

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