Psychonaut’s Story Seems Doomed

McKenna’s Story – Untold On The Big Screen As Of Yet

Jim Carrey has not signed on to star in a biopic about late ethnobotanist, philosopher and psychedelic drugs advocate Terence McKenna, despite a bogus report containing fake quotes wrongly attributed to the actor. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story.


Gossip Cop went on to say that, McKenna was an unusual figure in the world of philosophy who spoke and wrote about a variety of subjects, most notably the positive effects of experimenting with psychedelic mushrooms. A 2016 documentary about Terrance McKenna, titled True Hallucinations, chronicled his travels into the amazon while under the influence of psychedelic substances, the chaos at La Chorrera, the imagination, time, the Logos, belief, hope, madness, and doubt. Created by Peter Bergmann, this project is an expansion of ideas first presented in “The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time”.

The website,, recently published an article claiming, Carrey, has signed on to star in a film about the philosopher’s life, and even alleges the actor took psychedelics to get into character. The outlet erroneously quotes Carrey as saying, “I’ve seen things which no human being has ever seen before, and no other human being will ever see again. I retreated to nature and took five grams of dried mushrooms in order to prepare for this role.” Carrey never said any of this, but the site went on to add more made-up quotations from the actor supposedly touting the benefits of hallucinogens.

“If anyone could have portrayed the life of a man (Terrance McKenna) that has had such a dramatic, positive spin on psychedelics, it would have been Carrey to do it, and do it well.” – Jeff Dibble

This bogus report was later picked up and spread by the websites Brain Stain and True Activist, which further claimed the actor is “undergoing a massive transformation” for the role by “allowing himself to ‘trip’ on psychedelic plants.” However, none of this is remotely true. It’s possible this story was concocted simply because Carrey bears a considerable resemblance to McKenna, after recently growing a beard, but he isn’t playing the philosopher on screen.

A rep for the actor exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “Jim Carrey has not signed on to do a movie about Terence McKenna and any quotes attributed to him about experimenting with psychedelics are absolutely false.” is now “pinging”  Steve Buscemi for the role stating: “After Jim Carrey distanced himself from the role, it is up to Steve Buscemi to revive the spirit of the late psychedelic explorer on the big screen in an upcoming biopic.” However no reports have been substantiated at this time.

If we as a community believe in anything, we believe in feeling good in the moment. The felt presence of immediate experience. This is what has been stolen from you, by capitalism, by religion, by linear thinking, by strategizing. We’re always about to be happy, or we’re always about to be free. And while we’re about to be free and about to be happy, life passes us by. This is because western ideologies are ideologies of delayed gratification. It comes after death, after retirement, after coitus, it’s always after something that it comes. Well, I’ve got news for you, this kind of thing is chasing your own tail. The felt presence of immediate experience is the only world you will ever know. Everything beyond that is conjecture and supposition. – Terrance McKenna

Terrance McKenna2
Terrance McKenna Nov. 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000 RIP

Rest in Peace. “I wish that If only  I could have met you, talked, learned more, and laughed.”– Jeff Dibble


An All-Female Reboot of “Lord of the Flies” – Ooooo I don’t know about this one!

Lord of The Ladybug’s, …Maybe?

How’s This Going To Work?

Lord of the flies 2Lord of the Flies, the classic William Golding novel about a group of boys marooned on an island and forced to form their own society, is being made into a film . But this time, instead of an all-boys cast, the students stranded on the island will all be female.

There have been two Lord of the Flies film versions already produced: the original 1963 film by Peter Brook, and the 1990 Harry Hook version. The ’90’s version, starring a young Balthazar Getty, is the version that “I remember enjoying so very much as a young man.”

Two male directors are driving this project, Scott McGehee and David Siegel, most known for their work on, What Maisie Knew and The Deep End.


“We want to do a very faithful but contemporized adaptation of the book, but our idea was to do it with all girls rather than boys,” Siegel said to Deadline. “It is a timeless story that is especially relevant today, with the interpersonal conflicts and bullying, and the idea of children forming a society and replicating the behaviour they saw in grownups before they were marooned.”

“Myself, I don’t know how this story could possibly be portrayed by Girls? Boy’s and Girl’s just don’t interpret or react to a given scenario in the same way. That’s what makes us so uniquely special.”

McGehee went on to say: “it’ll provide an interesting take on boys and girls and aggression, or at least society’s concepts of gender,” and the pair is exited to start this gender bending rendition.

“[The story] is aggressively suspenseful, and taking the opportunity to tell it in a way it hasn’t been told before, with girls rather than boys, is that it shifts things in a way that might help people see the story anew,” he said. “It breaks away from some of the conventions, the ways we think of boys and aggression. It is a great adventure story, real entertainment, but it has a lot of meaning embedded in it as well. We’ve gotten to think about this a while as the rights were worked out, and we’re super eager to put pen to paper.”


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Professional’s Aren’t Clowning Around Anymore!!

There Just So Creepy!

oddly sad clown

I was doing some research this morning, looking into the much anticipated adaptation of Steven King’s classic horror film“IT,” scheduled to hit the theatres this weekend, when all of a sudden I found myself laughing out loud. But I maybe the only one laughing, you be the judge. I don’t personally “like” clowns, matter of fact I dislike them very much. Even as a kid I avoided those creepy multi-coloured characters. They seemed to me to be oddly sad, and uncomfortable watch, let alone to be around.

 According to one clowning official (Ahhh…Ya, it’s a real thing), “IT” is causing many professionals to loose business.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Pam Moody, the president of the World Clown Association, said she’s had members report having shows at schools and libraries suddenly canceled in recent months. And that’s thanks to “IT” and Pennywise, Moody says, noting that King’s 1986 novel and its 1990 ABC miniseries launched a wave of Coulrophobia ( It’s a real thing too) from which the World Clown Association has yet to truly recover.

public kil cwn

Last year’s wave of creepy clown sightings, featuring pranksters in cheap Halloween masks, some of them wielding weapons while lurking in neighborhoods throughout the country, didn’t help matters either, Moody told The Hollywood Reporter. The “blindsided” organization wrote a guide for its members, timed to the release of “IT,” in response.

That guide, “WCA Stand on Scary Clowns !!,” reminds the WCA membership that the “art of clown is something to be treasured and enjoyed” and that “just because someone wears a rubber Halloween mask, that does not make one a clown!” It also recommends “that young children not be exposed to horror movies” such as “IT.” (Common sense dictates that).

As for this latest onscreen version of Pennywise, Moody wants the public to know that he doesn’t represent clowns at all, “It’s a science-fiction character,”  “It’s not a clown and has nothing to do with pro clowning.”  

I Don’t Know About You, But I Don’t Think That The Movie, “IT,” is What Is Holding Back Such A Failing Creative Art’s Model As Clowning.  

” Clowning is Failing Due To The Inherent Creep Factor That Has Existed Since It’s Inception” 


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Stranger Things Season Two

Watch The Season Two Video Teaser

With season two of Stranger Things on its way the Duffer Brothers have confirmed a third season! And a fourth!

“We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out,” Ross Duffer told Vulture. “I don’t know if we can justify something bad happening to them once a year,” Duffer added. The cast were fairly quiet on what the story-line will be, but we’ve been promised a “bigger season in some regards”. There will no doubt be more trailers coming out in the near future but for now, this will have to do.Season 2 will be a continuation of the first season.

Matt Duffer has said: “Season 1 actually takes place over the course of six or seven days – it’s a really short period of time.”So part of what we want to do with hypothetical (yeah right) Season 2 is to explore the repercussions of everything that happened.”The cast were fairly quiet on what the story-line will be, but we’ve been promised a “bigger season in some regards.”

The trailer was shown at San Diego Comic Con and it shows the Upside Down is nowhere near finished, plus there’s plenty of Will and Vincent Price’s voice-over from Micheal Jackson’s Thriller. Season 2 premieres October 27, 2017.

It’s 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are still reeling from the horrors of the demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab. Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived.

Emmy nominations

Stranger Things composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein were nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for their work on the series. “I was on the way to the dentist when I heard the news,” said Kyle Dixon. “Glad I wasn’t already in the chair or I would have missed the call!” “We’re thrilled to be nominated!” added Michael Stein.“It’s a great feeling to be included alongside so many other great composers. It is an honour and a treat.”

Spoiler Alert – Details Revealed Ahead

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