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46ed9403I want to let everyone know about the “Best Deal in IPTV I’ve Ever Found.” It saves me over $50 per month by eliminating my cable bill. I still have to have an internet connection, but I can watch  over 500  TV channels on a smart tv, android box, computer, tablet or even on my android phone. They have programming from the US, Canada, the UK, as well as Spanish and Filipino channels, and every sport imaginable from around the world. Basically any programming offered by the “Big Providers” including PPV, all of the premium channels, plus movies and serial shows even Netflix shows for only $20 per month. They’ll even give you 3 days free service. Try it out! “It’s Totally Kick-Ass!”  

If your interested you can “Click Here.”   to go to their website.

This is the IPTV service that I personally use, so I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do!







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Tangerine Bank Will Pay You To Bank With Them.

It’s so simple to open an account with Tangerine Bank. It’s the bank that I personally use, they don’t charge me any monthly fee’s, I can use any Bank of Nova Scotia ATM machine, and there everywhere, and they gave me $50 to open my account.

Here’s all that I had to do.

  • First my friend gave me his Orange Key Number, and since your my friend now, Please use mine. My Orange Key Number is  50187588S1 – Write this down as you will need it in a minute.
  • Next I went to the Tangerine website, filled out all of the appropriate information,  entered my friends Orange Key Number and presto I had opened an account.
  • Next I took my Identification into Tangerine Bank for Verification. Don’t worry if aren’t any Tangerine Banks available where you live, there’s also an option to go to Canada Post for Verification of your Identification. (If your just switching Banks, I don’t think they require this step).
  • Next I just deposited $100 into my Tangerine Account within 90 days and Tangerine deposited $50 more. It’s that simple, It’s that easy. You can spend it right away. Then you’ll have your own Orange Key number to share with your friends.

So what do I get out of sharing this little tid-bit of information with you? Well here’s the best part, every time someone uses your Orange Key Number to open an account, Tangerine also deposits $50 into your account. I’ve helped many friends like this, and I’ve received $50 every time. Here’s the link to the Tangerine website.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Check it out for yourself, and drop back to my site to leave me a comment on how great of a deal this is.


Jeffrey Dibble